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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
import sre_constants

import yaml
from prospector.message import Location, Message
from prospector.profiles import AUTO_LOADED_PROFILES
from import ToolBase, pyflakes

PROFILE_IS_EMPTY = "profile-is-empty"
CONFIG_UNKNOWN_SETTING = "unknown-setting"
CONFIG_SETTING_MUST_BE_BOOL = "should-be-bool"
CONFIG_INVALID_VALUE = "invalid-value"
CONFIG_INVALID_REGEXP = "invalid-regexp"
CONFIG_DEPRECATED_CODE = "deprecated-tool-code"

[docs]class ProfileValidationTool(ToolBase): LIST_SETTINGS = ("inherits", "uses", "ignore", "ignore-paths", "ignore-patterns") ALL_SETTINGS = LIST_SETTINGS + ( "strictness", "autodetect", "max-line-length", "output-format", "output-target", "doc-warnings", "test-warnings", "member-warnings", # bit of a grim hack; prospector does not use the following but Landscape does: # TODO: think of a better way to avoid Landscape-specific config leaking into prospector "requirements", "python-targets", ) def __init__(self): self.to_check = set(AUTO_LOADED_PROFILES) self.ignore_codes = ()
[docs] def configure(self, prospector_config, found_files): for profile in prospector_config.config.profiles: self.to_check.add(profile) self.ignore_codes = prospector_config.get_disabled_messages("profile-validator")
def tool_names(self): # TODO: this is currently a circular import, which is why it is not at the top of # the module. However, there's no obvious way to get around this right now... # pylint: disable=cyclic-import from import TOOLS return TOOLS.keys() def validate(self, relative_filepath, absolute_filepath): messages = [] with open(absolute_filepath) as profile_file: raw_contents = parsed = yaml.safe_load(raw_contents) raw_contents = raw_contents.split("\n") def add_message(code, message, setting): if code in self.ignore_codes: return line = -1 for number, fileline in enumerate(raw_contents): if setting in fileline: line = number + 1 break location = Location(relative_filepath, None, None, line, 0, False) message = Message("profile-validator", code, location, message) messages.append(message) if parsed is None: # this happens if a completely empty profile is found add_message( PROFILE_IS_EMPTY, "%s is a completely empty profile" % relative_filepath, "entire-file", ) return messages for setting in ("doc-warnings", "test-warnings", "autodetect"): if not isinstance(parsed.get(setting, False), bool): add_message( CONFIG_SETTING_MUST_BE_BOOL, '"%s" should be true or false' % setting, setting, ) if not isinstance(parsed.get("max-line-length", 0), int): add_message( CONFIG_SETTING_MUST_BE_INTEGER, '"max-line-length" should be an integer', "max-line-length", ) if "strictness" in parsed: possible = ("veryhigh", "high", "medium", "low", "verylow", "none") if parsed["strictness"] not in possible: add_message( CONFIG_INVALID_VALUE, '"strictness" must be one of %s' % ", ".join(possible), "strictness", ) if "uses" in parsed: possible = ("django", "celery", "flask") parsed_list = parsed["uses"] if isinstance(parsed["uses"], list) else [parsed["uses"]] for uses in parsed_list: if uses not in possible: add_message( CONFIG_INVALID_VALUE, '"%s" is not valid for "uses", must be one of %s' % (uses, ", ".join(possible)), uses, ) if "ignore" in parsed: add_message( CONFIG_DEPRECATED_SETTING, '"ignore" is deprecated, please update to use "ignore-patterns" instead', "ignore", ) if "python-targets" in parsed: python_targets = ( parsed["python-targets"] if isinstance(parsed["python-targets"], list) else [parsed["python-targets"]] ) for target in python_targets: if str(target) not in ("2", "3"): add_message( CONFIG_INVALID_VALUE, '"%s" is not valid for "python-targets", must be either 2 or 3' % target, str(target), ) for pattern in parsed.get("ignore-patterns", []): try: re.compile(pattern) except sre_constants.error: add_message(CONFIG_INVALID_REGEXP, "Invalid regular expression", pattern) for key in ProfileValidationTool.LIST_SETTINGS: if key not in parsed: continue if not isinstance(parsed[key], (tuple, list)): add_message(CONFIG_SETTING_SHOULD_BE_LIST, '"%s" should be a list' % key, key) for key in parsed.keys(): if key not in ProfileValidationTool.ALL_SETTINGS and key not in self.tool_names(): add_message( CONFIG_UNKNOWN_SETTING, '"%s" is not a valid prospector setting' % key, key, ) if "pyflakes" in parsed: for code in parsed["pyflakes"].get("enable", []) + parsed["pyflakes"].get("disable", []): if code in pyflakes.LEGACY_CODE_MAP: add_message( CONFIG_DEPRECATED_CODE, "Pyflakes code %s was renamed to %s" % (code, pyflakes.LEGACY_CODE_MAP[code]), "pyflakes", ) return messages
[docs] def run(self, found_files): messages = [] for rel_filepath in found_files.iter_file_paths(abspath=False, include_ignored=True): for possible in self.to_check: if rel_filepath == possible: abs_filepath = found_files.to_absolute_path(rel_filepath) messages += self.validate(rel_filepath, abs_filepath) break return messages