4. Error Suppression

Prospector profiles configuration via Profiles / Configuration which includes the ability to tweak which errors are reported by the tools run by prospector. This is generally where to make changes which affect the project as a whole.

It is also possible to suppress errors in specific places. In general the best place to find out how to do this will be on the documentation site of the tool which generates the error. This page contains additional information about behaviour which prospector adds.

Suppressing Pylint Errors

Pylint errors can be suppressed by adding a comment of the format:

# pylint:disable=redefined-builtin

Although you can also use the numeric code (something like W1101), pylint is moving towards using symbolic names so it is better to use the full name for the error.

If Prospector finds that pylint would have emitted an error but a suppression comment disabled the error, then all equivalent errors from other tools will also be suppressed. This is

Ignoring entire files

Although the ideal method of ignoring files is by using the ignore-patterns and ignore-paths in a profile, it is often the case that existing tools and configuration are already present in a repository.

flake8 includes the following directive to ignore an entire file, which is also honoured by prospector:

# flake8: noqa

# noqa

A comment of noqa is used by pycodestyle and pyflakes when ignoring all errors on a certain line. If Prospector encounters a # noqa comment it will suppress any error from any tool including pylint and others such as dodgy.