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import mimetypes
from pathlib import Path

from dodgy.checks import check_file_contents

from prospector.encoding import CouldNotHandleEncoding, read_py_file
from prospector.finder import FileFinder
from prospector.message import Location, Message
from import ToolBase

def module_from_path(path: Path):
    # TODO hacky...
    return ".".join([1:-1] + (path.stem,))

[docs] class DodgyTool(ToolBase):
[docs] def configure(self, prospector_config, found_files): # empty: just implementing to satisfy the ABC contract pass
[docs] def run(self, found_files: FileFinder): warnings = [] for filepath in found_files.files: mimetype = mimetypes.guess_type(str(filepath.absolute())) if mimetype[0] is None or not mimetype[0].startswith("text/") or mimetype[1] is not None: continue try: contents = read_py_file(filepath) except CouldNotHandleEncoding: continue for line, code, message in check_file_contents(contents): warnings.append({"line": line, "code": code, "message": message, "path": filepath}) messages = [] for warning in warnings: path = warning["path"] loc = Location(path, module_from_path(path), "", warning["line"], 0) msg = Message("dodgy", warning["code"], loc, warning["message"]) messages.append(msg) return messages