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import codecs
import os
import re

from pep8ext_naming import NamingChecker
from pycodestyle import PROJECT_CONFIG, USER_CONFIG, BaseReport, StyleGuide, register_check

from prospector.finder import FileFinder
from prospector.message import Location, Message
from import ToolBase

__all__ = ("PycodestyleTool",)

class ProspectorReport(BaseReport):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self._prospector_messages = []

    def error(self, line_number, offset, text, check):
        code = super().error(
        if code is None:
            # The error pycodestyle found is being ignored, let's move on.

        # Get a clean copy of the message text without the code embedded.
        text = text[5:]

        # mixed indentation (E101) is a file global message
        if code == "E101":
            line_number = None

        # Record the message using prospector's data structures.
        location = Location(
            character=(offset + 1),
        message = Message(
            # TODO: legacy output naming


    def get_messages(self):
        return self._prospector_messages

class ProspectorStyleGuide(StyleGuide):
    def __init__(self, config, found_files, *args, **kwargs):
        self._config = config
        self._files = found_files
        self._module_paths = found_files.python_modules

        # Override the default reporter with our custom one.
        kwargs["reporter"] = ProspectorReport

        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def excluded(self, filename, parent=None):
        if super().excluded(filename, parent):
            return True

        # If the file survived pycodestyle's exclusion rules, check it against
        # prospector's patterns.
        fullpath = self._config.workdir / (parent or "") / filename
        if fullpath.is_dir():
            return False

        return fullpath not in self._module_paths

[docs] class PycodestyleTool(ToolBase): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.checker = None
[docs] def configure(self, prospector_config, found_files: FileFinder): # figure out if we should use a pre-existing config file # such as setup.cfg or tox.ini external_config = None # 'none' means we ignore any external config, so just carry on use_config = False if prospector_config.use_external_config("pycodestyle"): use_config = True paths = [os.path.join(prospector_config.workdir, name) for name in PROJECT_CONFIG] paths.append(USER_CONFIG) ext_loc = prospector_config.external_config_location("pycodestyle") if ext_loc is not None: paths = [ext_loc] + paths for conf_path in paths: if os.path.exists(conf_path) and os.path.isfile(conf_path): # this file exists - but does it have pep8 or pycodestyle config in it? # TODO: Remove this header = re.compile(r"\[(pep8|pycodestyle)\]") with as conf_file: if any( for line in conf_file.readlines()): external_config = conf_path break # need to convert to strings rather than Path objects for compatibility with pycodestyle check_paths = [str(f.absolute()) for f in found_files.python_modules] # check_paths = [found_files.to_absolute_path(p) for p in check_paths] # Instantiate our custom pycodestyle checker. self.checker = ProspectorStyleGuide( config=prospector_config, paths=check_paths, found_files=found_files, config_file=external_config ) if not use_config or external_config is None: configured_by = None # This means that we don't have existing config to use. # Make sure pycodestyle's code ignores are fully reset to zero before # adding prospector-flavoured configuration. = () self.checker.options.ignore = tuple(prospector_config.get_disabled_messages("pycodestyle")) if "max-line-length" in prospector_config.tool_options("pycodestyle"): self.checker.options.max_line_length = prospector_config.tool_options("pycodestyle")["max-line-length"] else: configured_by = "Configuration found at %s" % external_config # if we have a command line --max-line-length argument, that # overrules everything max_line_length = prospector_config.max_line_length if max_line_length is not None: self.checker.options.max_line_length = max_line_length return configured_by, []
[docs] def run(self, _): report = self.checker.check_files() return report.get_messages()
# Load pep8ext_naming into pycodestyle's configuration. register_check(NamingChecker)