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from pydocstyle.checker import AllError, ConventionChecker

from prospector.encoding import CouldNotHandleEncoding, read_py_file
from prospector.finder import FileFinder
from prospector.message import Location, Message, make_tool_error_message
from import ToolBase

__all__ = ("PydocstyleTool",)

[docs] class PydocstyleTool(ToolBase): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._code_files = [] self.ignore_codes = ()
[docs] def configure(self, prospector_config, found_files): self.ignore_codes = prospector_config.get_disabled_messages("pydocstyle")
[docs] def run(self, found_files: FileFinder): messages = [] checker = ConventionChecker() for code_file in found_files.python_modules: try: for error in checker.check_source(read_py_file(code_file), str(code_file.absolute()), None): location = Location(path=code_file, module=None, function="", line=error.line, character=0) message = Message( source="pydocstyle", code=error.code, location=location, message=error.message.partition(":")[2].strip(), ) messages.append(message) except CouldNotHandleEncoding as err: messages.append( make_tool_error_message( code_file, "pydocstyle", "D000", message=f"Could not handle the encoding of this file: {err.__cause__}", ) ) continue except AllError as exc: # pydocstyle's Parser.parse_all method raises AllError when an # attempt to analyze the __all__ definition has failed. This # occurs when __all__ is too complex to be parsed. messages.append( make_tool_error_message( code_file, "pydocstyle", "D000", line=1, character=0, message=exc.args[0], ) ) continue return self.filter_messages(messages)
def filter_messages(self, messages): return [message for message in messages if message.code not in self.ignore_codes]